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Do We Have To Share Everything?

WHEN I EXPLAIN to people my parenting situation—that my husband travels a lot for work, and that I do most of the school drops-offs/pick-ups, doctor appointments, dinner prep, bedtime, and middle-of-the-night puking cleanup for our two small…

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Ask the Parent

Got a question too embarrassing to ask anyone else? Send it to, and we’ll find an expert parent to answer it for you! This month we have child and family therapist Tracey Biebel Johnson dishing…

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Build a Better Parent

IF YOU HAVE A TEENAGER (or have ever been a teenager), you know how hard it can be. Teenage girls in particular experience so many additional issues regarding friends, society, and self-esteem. They may be keeping feelings…

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Four Things

There are swimming teachers, soccer teachers, violin teachers—where are the teachers who show your kid how to ride a bike? Until that glorious day, here are a few tips to reduce tears and frustrations (primarily your…

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True Book Reviews

WHEN IT COMES to raising children, it really does “take a village,” as that clichéd trope suggests. But who specifically is in that village? Your mum, that’s who. Along with her sister, her mother, and her mother….

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Big Mother is Watching

OKAY, ADMIT IT. You’ve been a little curious about your tween’s or teen’s private social life, especially if they have a phone of their own. A lot’s changed since the old spin-the-bottle days, and unfortunately for…

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Fall 2016 Kids Calendar

PDX Adult Soapbox Derby One of the last true Portland traditions that hasn’t been ruined. Join thousands of onlookers to watch Portland’s most creative people race crazy, homemade soapbox derby cars down Mount Tabor’s dangerous and…

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Get a Sitter

Now that you finally have a sitter, check out our Events Calendar for fun stuff to do on your night out without the kids.

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True Food

Pine Street Market While it may be an expensive tourist trap, Pine Street still has a few great dishes for under $10. Marukin Ramen has a daily rotating roster of soups, and while the paitan and shoyu options…

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Getting the Lead Out

WHEN KIDS head back to Portland Public Schools (PPS) on August 29, Superintendent Carole Smith will still be on vacation. Smith announced abruptly on July 18 that she was taking three months of accrued leave, and…

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An Undiminished Life

Late in my second trimester I was hit with the thought, “What if this baby grows up to be someone I don’t like?” At the time, my worst fear was that my child would turn out…

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Good Advice/Stupid Advice

THE BEST PART about being pregnant—and subsequently having a baby, because that’s how pregnancy usually works—is the unsolicited advice! (Note sarcasm.) Parents may “mean well,” but they also sometimes offer stupid, unhelpful advice, like some kind of…

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“Throwing Quarters”

by Wm. Steven Humphrey, True Parent Editor-in-Chief, parent of two   I HAD A COMPLICATED relationship with my dad. (Bet you’ve never heard that sentence before!) Like so many other guys in my age group, I had…

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Just the Nanny

WE’RE AT THE BOOKSTORE where Eleanor, edging on two and dangerously bright, gropes the staff weekly picks like summer fruit. Touching her back, I remind her again to look with her eyes, not her hands. “That’s…

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